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Hybrid Operating Modes

Compared to conventional drivetrains a hybrid drivetrain has the following additional operating modes:



The vehicle accelerates by using the combustion engine and the e-machine. The e-machine is supplied by the electric energystorage. Compared to a conventional system the driveability has significant improved. Alternatively, downsizing can be realized by using a smaller combustion engine with the same driveability.



Electric Driving

The vehicle is operated only by the e-machine, without emission and nearly without noise. During this operating phase, the electric energy is supplied by the electric energy storage. 



Generator Mode

The internal combustion engine is operated with a higher load. Only a part of the engine load is used for driving the vehicle. The other part of the combustion engine load is used to run the e-machine as generator and to load the electric energy storage. The generator mode helps to run the combustion engine in a better area of efficiency.




As soon as the driver pushes the brake pedal, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into electric energiy by using the E-machine as a generator. Using this effect prevents the heating of the brake discs.



The vehicle is operated without an active torque of the combustion engine and e-machine.  Both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are not enabled.



Stop & Start

The control unit determines an engine stop and so the internal combustion engine is switched off and speeds down. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal and pushes the accelerator pedal, the combustion engine is started smoothly in a very short time.




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